Military and aerospace contractors who create machinery and equipment have no margin for error. They rely on parts and hardware that have been tested to meet military standards — referred to as “mil-spec” hardware because it meets military specifications.

The Coating House provides manufacturer’s certification with all our mil-spec products so you can have full traceability and confidence that you are getting the correct part. Mil-spec fasteners are commonly used in the defense, government, marine, nuclear, and naval industries.

Nist 800-171 Compliant

The Coating House has been committed to building and maintaining the most current Cyber Security Infrastructure. Working with one of the most innovative IT companies in the manufacturing sector, we can safely and securely protect CUI and proprietary information. In a field that is constantly changing, our Cyber Security Model gives us and our customers an edge when it comes to DoD contracts.

The Coating House team is the most customer focused organization I’ve worked with in my 20 years of supply chain experience. Our immediate need of a low prevailing torque fastener, with an integral locking feature, led us to the Henkel Dri-Loc product and ultimately the TCH team. From my first conversations with Kim and Harley, I could tell they were eager to take on this project and help us resolve our current line-down situation. They delivered sample fasteners within a week and supported our team throughout validation testing on our product. The TCH team eagerly participated in our new supplier assessment / approval process, going well beyond our expectations, and successfully meeting all DOD mandated requirements. Most small companies, without previous DOD supplier experience, would have probably no-bid this project, but Kim and her team’s perseverance and willingness to adapt to new requirements (i.e., NIST cybersecurity compliance) has set up TCH for potential future orders from Raytheon and other DOD contractors. They are small but a powerful organization, technically competent, extremely responsive, and when you call, you most likely get to talk to the president! What else could you want in a supplier? Thank you TCH team, your efforts are recognized and appreciated by the Raytheon supply chain team!

Joe Klocker, Supplier Engineering, Raytheon Technologies

Often when we think of government/military projects we’re focused on Aerospace and the military, but this industry is much more broad reaching. From buses to railcars, transportation projects have received a boost from the infrastructure bill.

To make these projects happen, in a time of supply chain challenges, the project managers are more dependent than ever on US-based providers. The Coating House is not only poised to help but we already have our cage code so we’re ready to go on day one. In addition, as procurement specialists with years of experience, we can also source MS and NAS screws.

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