The Coating House uses the Loctite® brand for Pre-Applied Thread locking and Thread Sealing fasteners because they created the technology. Their reputation, product performance, quality, and ongoing commitment to improve how their products impact our environment are some of the many reasons we use Henkel® Loctite™ ECO products exclusively. Note: we have access to Henkel engineers and chemists on your behalf.

LOCTITE® DRI Thread Lockers

LOCTITE® DRI Thread lockers are a dry-to-the-touch pre-applied film for threaded fasteners. It remains inert on the fastener until assembly of the threads releases a quick curing resin. The resin fills all the voids in the threads and cures to securely lock and seal the assembly. Our Pre-applied thread lockers come in different strengths, colors, and temperature ranges. Allowing for quick identification and locking capabilities for most applications.

Is LOCTITE Pre-Applied Right For You?

Work with a high quality supplier that’s ITAR registered, AS9100 and ISO9001 certified

LOCTITE® DRI Thread Sealant

LOCTITE® DRI Thread Sealants are pre-applied, water-based sealants that when dried become a resilient, tight clinging, non-curing sealant for tapered or straight threads. These products provide excellent solvent and vibration resistance providing a permanent seal that prevents leakage while allowing disassembly.

  • Reusable up to five times
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • High or low viscosity
  • Water-based, non-toxic
  • Resilient and tight clinging
  • Good thread-filling properties
  • Good prevailing torque characteristics
  • Stops vibrational loosening

Henkel Loctite® is the most recognized name in the industry. Our line of Pre-Applied adhesives range in strength, temperature resistance, and viscosity providing optimum locking and sealing capabilities for most specifications, industries and assemblies. You can trust Loctite® Pre-Applied products as the leader of adhesive coatings on the market today and we provide these coatings at a great value. See why Pre-Applied Loctite is better.

Our company also reduces carbon emissions due to the reduction in shipping parts from multiple locations for processing. This is important to our mission.

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