eBook - Guide to LOCTITE®️ Pre-Applied Fasteners

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eBook – Guide to LOCTITE® Pre-Applied Fasteners

LOCTITE®️ is a common adhesive coating for fasteners. While you might be familiar with the DIY approach, LOCTITE®️ can also be pre-applied in a processing center. This process offers numerous benefits including increased accuracy and cost savings.

Our eBook “Guide to LOCTITE®️ Pre-Applied” will cover:

  • Types of LOCTITE®️ Pre-Applied
  • The Process of LOCTITE®️ Pre-Applied Coating Servoces
  • Benefits of LOCTITE®️ Pre-Applied vs. Field-Applied
  • LOCTITE®️ Common LOCTITE®️ Adhesives and their Pre-Applied Equivalents
  • How to Choose the Correct LOCTITE®️ Pre-Applied Coating for Your Application

Learn more about Pre-Applied Adhesive Coated (PAAC’D®️ ) Fasteners, and how The Coating House can help with your next project!


Photo credits to Lily Weilacher.