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Pre-Applied Adhesive-Coated Fasteners | PAAC'D®Conventional fasteners can secure assembled components, but over time with wear, pressure, and exposure to harsh environments, fasteners can lose their grip and shake loose or even fall out. Fasteners that feel tight can be too loose as they flex repeatedly under heavy loads and can snap off due to metal fatigue.

Products like threadlockers and thread sealants combat these issues by locking in the fastener’s grip and sealing in gaps or leaks between surfaces where the fastener’s threads fit. At The Coating House Inc., we use pre-applied coatings (or “patches”) from the brand Loctite® for ease of use and superior strength.

Field-Applied Loctite® vs. Pre-Applied Loctite®

Adhesive coatings can be applied to fasteners using a few different methods. Field-applied Loctite® is more of a do-it-yourself approach. However, this requires a lot of personal labor (costing more time and money) and results in a lower level of precision.

Pre-Applied Adhesive-Coated (PAAC’D®) Fasteners are screws, bolts, or nuts on which the adhesive coating (such as a threadlocker or thread sealant) is pre-applied in a processing center. At The Coating House, we use Loctite® brand products, which are dry to the touch and ready to use directly out of the bag. These coatings remain dormant until they are activated during assembly, which creates a reactive bond or seal between mating threads. Loctite® pre-applied is a 360° band located in the optimal location on the threads for engagement. Commonly referred to as “Loctite® Patch,” our pre-applied coatings can be applied to any part of the thread body.

Benefits of PAAC’D® Fasteners

Pre-applied coatings offer superior precision, efficiency, and time savings compared to field-applied coatings. They remove the need to apply the adhesive during assembly. At The Coating House, we offer a complete range of pre-applied Loctite® coatings for locking and sealing. Here are a few of the major reasons why our customers have chosen PAAC’D® Fasteners:

Standardized Application Standardized Application. No mess and no wait. Ready to use, which saves on time and cost.
Range of Strengths Range of Strengths. For many applications, and colors for easy identification.
Water-Based Products Water-Based Products. No fear of fire, health, or safety risks.
High Temperature Resistance High Temperature Resistance. Up to 400° F.
Adherence to Many Substrates Adherence to Many Substrates. Alloy steel, stainless, brass, black oxide, and plastic.
Availability for a Wide Range of Fastener Sizes Availability for a Wide Range of Fastener Sizes. Becomes a Lock and Seal Fastener When Coated.
NSF 61 Approved for DRI (Dri-Seal) Products NSF 61 Approved for DRI (Dri-Seal) Products.
Solvent/Chemical Resistance Solvent/Chemical Resistance. All oils (motor, ATF), water, glycol, petrol, and diesel.

The Coating House is a full-service fastener and hardware supplier along with a Loctite® pre-applied process center. Customers have the choice to send their fasteners for coating or they can purchase a complete part (screw with Loctite® patch) directly from us. We sell a variety of fasteners, such as machine screws, cap screws, electronic hardware, MS and NAS fasteners, or any type of industrial hardware. The Coating House offers lot traceability, certifications, quick quotes, and fast turnarounds.

Check out our expanding list of:

Loctite® Pre-Applied Products

PAAC’D® Fasteners

When you need PAAC’D® Fastener options, there are two broad categories to consider: anti-vibrational sealants and threadlockers. Our line of Loctite® patch products contains both threadlockers and anti-vibrational sealants and can be applied to most fasteners.

Loctite® Threadlockers and Vibra-Seal Thread Sealants

Pre-applied threadlockers are adhesives that bond the fastener’s threads together by mating the threads and curing hard like an epoxy. Pre-applied thread sealants are non-curing, so they don’t get hard or brittle and act as a (relatively) soft wedge that creates a seal and can also cushion vibrations.

Loctite® DRI Threadlockers

Loctite® DRI threadlockers are compatible with threaded fasteners. These dry-to-the-touch, pre-applied films remain inert until the thread assembly releases a quick-curing resin, which fills all the thread voids and cures to securely lock and seal the assembly. Our pre-applied threadlockers are available in various strengths and temperature ranges to allow for locking in most applications, as well as multiple colors for quick identification purposes.

Consider these popular Loctite® pre-applied threadlockers for your fasteners:

Loctite 200 Loctite 201 Loctite 202 Loctite 203 Loctite 204 Loctite 2045 Loctite STS Loctite 2250w

Loctite® DRI 200 ECO

This high-strength resin will lock fasteners in place, even on high-vibration assemblies. It can also withstand chemical damage from phosphates and oily environments.

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Loctite® DRI 201 ECO

Create secure holds with a high-strength resin that can lock fasteners in place at temperatures of up to 400° F. It can also prevent vibrational loosening on organic coatings and plated surfaces otherwise susceptible to loosening.

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Loctite® DRI 202 ECO

This general-purpose resin offers a medium-strength hold and resistance to vibrational loosening.

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Loctite® DRI 203 ECO

Get a low-strength, convenient hold with this general-purpose adhesive.

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Loctite® DRI 204 ECO

This high-strength resin achieves secure adhesion once dried. It can grip onto stainless steel or plated fasteners, including nuts, to prevent vibrational loosening.

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Loctite® DRI 2045 ECO

This fast-curing adhesive creates a medium- to high-strength hold for stainless steel and plated metal fasteners. It stays secure at temperatures up to 400° F.

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Loctite® DRI STS ECO

Get a fast, secure seal. This product can cure on active metals quickly and offers both a tight seal and vibrational loosening prevention. It’s easy to apply and install due to its high lubricity and provides a long-lasting, medium-strength hold.

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Loctite® DRI 2250-W ECO

Create an environmentally friendly hold with Loctite®‘s water-based and solvent-free formula. It complies with manufacturing requirements for the automotive industry.

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Loctite® DRI “Vibra-Seal” Thread Sealants

Often referred to as “Vibra-Seal”, these pre-applied, water-based, non-curing sealants for straight or tapered threads become tight-clinging and resilient upon drying. Loctite® DRI “Vibra-Seal” Thread Sealants provide superior resistance to solvents and vibrations, as well as a permanent seal that safeguards against leaks while enabling disassembly.

The Coating House offers these sealant options for your screws:

Loctite 503 Loctite 503HV Loctite 513 Loctite 516 Loctite 517

Loctite® DRI 503 ECO (Vibra-Seal 503)

The water-based formula is low-viscosity and creates a fluid-tight seal that resists vibrational loosening.

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Loctite® DRI 503HV ECO (Vibra-Seal 503HV)

This highly viscous water-based sealant provides a seal and resists loosening from vibration.

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Loctite® DRI 513HV ECO (Loctite® 513 Dri-Seal)

This formula is NSF-approved and creates a long-lasting seal on metal or plastic fasteners with either straight or tapered threads. The sealant is high-viscosity and clings tightly to the fastener surface without curing.

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Loctite® DRI 516 ECO (Vibra-Seal 516)

This water-based product is high-viscosity and creates a tight seal that won’t come loose from vibrations.

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Loctite® DRI 517 ECO (Vibra-Seal 517)

This product is low-viscosity and has a water-based formula. It offers both sealing power and resistance to vibrational loosening.

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Fasteners require different Loctite® patch types, depending on factors such as fastener composition, temperature and environmental conditions, susceptible fluids and gasses, and different degrees of vibration. Screws with pre-applied coatings can both lock the threads in place and create a complete thread seal. Once the adhesive dries after application, the hold becomes permanent, even on assemblies that experience a substantial amount of vibration or that are installed in extreme environmental conditions.

In either case, these products can be applied to all or several individual threads of a fastener, resulting in a tight seal when the threaded fastener is installed. These seals and adhesives can be applied manually at the time of assembly or during a field repair, but having the coating pre-applied is more efficient.

Industries Served

Pre-applied adhesive-coated fasteners have dozens of different applications in commercial and industrial fields. Industries that rely on pre-applied threadlocker screws for a secure, leak-proof hold are automotive manufacturers, the aerospace industry, electronics, the military, and medical, among others.

Aerospace We're an AS9100-certified supplier of fastening hardware for commercial and military aerospace applications. The Coating House offers the value-added service of aerospace threadlockers as a one-stop shop — from screws to rivets, and every small piece in between.
Automotive Loctite® pre-applied was originally designed for the assembly lines of the automotive industry, with applications in large, high-quantity production runs with automated assembly. PAAC'D® Fasteners ensure that every fastener has the same amount of Loctite® in the correct location on the thread body. Check out our large database of manufacturers' specs that call out Loctite® pre-applied.
Electronic Hardware
Electronic Hardware Specializing in electronic hardware gives us the ability to process and coat parts as small as 0-80 or M1.6. Pre-applied Loctite® can be applied to the threads only or done in a tumble coat application. Order your standoffs, captive screws, precision shoulder screws, or any other type of electronic hardware directly from us.
Government/Military The Coating House provides manufacturers' certifications with all our Mil-Spec products. ISO 9001-, AS9100-, and ITAR-registered, we can apply several pre-applied threadlockers specified by the large DoD contractors across the country. We have invested in our infrastructure by becoming NIST 800-171 compliant and being at the forefront of the addition of CMMC.

Pre-Applied Adhesive-Coated Fasteners by The Coating House

Pre-applied coated fasteners are convenient and reliable fastening solutions for assemblies that rattle, vibrate, or need to hold fluids. At The Coating House, we specialize in small screws and specialty fasteners with sealants and threadlockers applied only to threads — or even specific threads. This precise application of sealants and adhesives ensures our clients can create precisely the right hold in any situation.

Reach out today to learn more about how we pre-apply high-quality sealants and threadlockers to fastener threads, or order fasteners for your next project.

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