The Coating House, Inc has been an Exclusive Authorized Service Center for Pre-Applied Henkel® Loctite Dri™ Eco products for over 40+years. We’ve been trained by the best! Our founder implemented the Henkel® Loctite Pre-Applied Services centers around the US to bring associated processes and technologies to all industries. This technology was created to help solve a major flaw with threaded parts and assemblies which is: raw fasteners fail by design, either by vibrating loose or letting air, gas, and water leak.

The Coating House


eliminate this problem!

Using our proprietary process, The Coating House can apply a variety of thread lockers and sealants to any fastener or fitting in three simple steps:

The Benefits of Pre-Applied Loctite® vs Field Applied Loctite®

To remove the need to apply sealants, and adhesives during assembly, we offer a complete range of pre-applied Loctite® coatings for locking and/or sealing. Here are a few of the major reasons why our customers choose us, and why you should too!
Standardized application, no mess and no wait, ready to use, which saves time and cost.
Range of strengths for many applications and colors for easy identification.
All are water-based products, so no fear of fire, health or safety risks.
They have a high temperature resistance – up to 400°F.
Adheres to many substrates.
Available for a wide range of fastener sizes and becomes a lock and seal fastener when coated.
NSF 61 Approval for DRI (Dri-Seal) products.
Solvent/chemical resistant- all oils (motor, ATF), water, glycol, petrol, diesel.

Environmentally Friendly – No Plastic Bottles to Dispose of or Chemical Waste!