While we have been applying our LOCTITE® DRI products for over 40+ years to parts customers have sent to us, we also have access to many large manufacturers and distributors globally to assist our customers. We are not a manufacturer of fasteners, fittings, or valves, yet we are able to procure from reputable name brand manufacturers, custom parts, COTS, NAS, MS, and AN fasteners, which allows our customers to buy our PAACD® (Pre-Applied Adhesive Coated) Fastener- Ready to Use!

Custom Fasteners

Full traceability assured for all parts we provide to meet our customers highest compliance standards.

  • Due to inherent customer demand, we developed a service to eliminate procurement steps for their companies
  • Relationship with many manufacturers so we can source custom parts to print
  • Collaborate with Engineers to help identify correct product necessary for their needs
  • Case Study – Service One Stop Shop

Custom fasteners allow our customers to improve production by reducing failures in the field.

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Is LOCTITE Pre-Applied Right For You?

Work with a high quality supplier that’s ITAR registered, AS9100 and ISO9001 certified