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Machine Screw Types

Machine screws are fasteners designed for securing machinery components and panels. They have a flat bottom with no point, fastening the two pieces tightly with a precise thread or nut. There are several types of machine screws with different heads and profiles for various applications. The Coating House offers a wide range of coated and uncoated fasteners, including machine screws.

What’s a Machine Screw?

Machine screws may be fine-threaded or coarse-threaded, along with several head options to suit specific applications. In contrast to wood screws, tapping screws, or bolts, machine screws are a unique type of fastener defined by unique physical features. Some of these defining features include the following:

  • Size: Machine fasteners are often smaller in diameter and length than bolts and other fasteners.
  • Shape: Machine screws are typically flat-tipped or blunt without a sharp or tapered point like most screw types.
  • Threading: Often machine screws are completely threaded from below the head to the end.
  • Quality: Machine screws are manufactured using advanced techniques. They are often of higher strength than other screws and offer improved thread consistency, precision, and quality overall.
  • Precision: The threads on machine screws are fine and precise compared to other types of screws to fit snugly into pre-drilled holes or nuts.
  • Applications: Machine screws are typically used for securely fastening metal components together to form structures or machinery, including industrial equipment, electronics, tools, engines, and vehicles.

Types of Machine Screws

Machine screws are screws with a thread for insertion into a tapped hole or nut. Most machine screws have a blunt tip, relying on their precise thread to secure two components together. Users can select the ideal machine screw for an application from numerous head shapes, drive styles, and materials. Here is an overview of the most common types of small machine screws.

Pan Head Screw

Pan head screws are a prevalent non-countersunk screw head that is ideal for securing insulation. The screw head is wide with a flat or domed top surface and a recessed drive. Pan head screws can be Phillips, slotted, or Torx. They come in standard sizes, usually made of stainless steel, machine screws are also available zinc-plated with a plain or black oxide finish.

Flat Head Screw

Flat head screws sit flush with the surface into which they are driven. They have a flat top with a countersink underneath to ensure they provide a flat fit with the joined components.

Oval Head Screw

Oval head screws are machine screws that combine the advantages of a pan head screw and a flat head screw. They can be driven into a surface, revealing only a slightly curved surface due to the countersunk underside profile, but they are not as flush as flat-head screws.

Hex Head Machine Screw

Driven by sockets and wrenches, Hex Head Machine Screws are also available both slotted and unslotted. The six-sided hexagonal head allows for larger amounts of input torque and easy disassembly without the risk of stripping. Mostly used in heavier duty applications where clearance is not an issue.

Cheese Head Screw

Cheese head screws have a round narrow profile with a long cylindrical head. Designed for tight spaces, the long head allows for a deep drive to maximize input and minimize stripping. Most commonly available as slotted or Phillips, Cheese head Screws are also available with a 6-Lobe drive.

Where to Buy Machine Screws

Machine head screws are the ideal fastener for joining two panels or components with a pre-drilled hole or nut. They come in a variety of types to suit every machine application. The Coating House offers machine screws and assorted fasteners to meet your specific needs. Since 1980, we have been an Authorized Henkel Pre-Applied Service Center and exclusively use Henkel Loctite® products to seal and lock our quality fittings, bolts, and fasteners.

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