The Coating House specializes in electronic hardware. We take pride in being able to source and coat the smallest parts with great precision. We can process parts as small 0-80 or M1.6 with all strengths of pre-applied Loctite.

We offer a thread only coating or tumble coat to reduce costs depending on your application.

Captive Screws

Commonly used in PC boards, electronic panel assemblies, and other applications where fastener loss is a concern. Captive screws feature an unthreaded shank with a threaded end.
These screws are often used in conjunction with retainers or other electronic hardware to create a self-captivating fastener that can be loosened without being removed from the assembly.


Designed to join two components and maintain the specified distance between them (usually raising one component above another) Standoffs have an internally threaded opening at one end and an externally threaded shaft at the opposite end. This allows threaded fasteners to be attached, while the standoff itself also serves as a threaded fastener. Various lengths are available, with hexagonal or cylindrical bodies.


Most often used to maintain minimum clearance space requirements in applications with tight tolerances. Spacers are unthreaded, cylindrical or hexagonal tube-like devices through which fasteners are inserted. Spacers allow fasteners to be fully tightened while maintaining the necessary spacing between components. Multiple diameters and lengths are available.

Precision Shoulder Screws

Manufactured for tight tolerances, precision shoulder screws are most commonly used in electronic applications. We stock and source all types of shoulder screws and can also supply custom sizes.

Our parts are used in: motherboards, radios, sonar radar, computers, drones, electrical infrastructure, communications and much, much more. Let us supply you with your electronic machine screws or standoffs with any type of finish or coating.