Faster Assembly, Higher Quality with PAAC’D®PAAC'D

If you’ve visited our website, you’ve probably seen the PAAC’D® acronym on the horizontal menu bar, which stands for “Pre-Applied Adhesive Coated.”  

Anyone who’s manually applied Loctite to fasteners knows it’s not an exact science. You’re never going to get precisely the same amount of coating on each fastener. And if you’re installing those fasteners horizontally, you expect some of it to drip off. 

With PAAC’D®, these problems are eliminated. Fasteners are ready for assembly with the correct amount of coating already applied, and they’re color-coded for fast, easy identification. Assembly time is reduced, and the process isn’t messy or inconsistent. As a bonus, there are no empty Loctite bottles to recycle! 

How it Works

Fasteners pre-coated with Henkel Loctite Dri-Loc® are dry to the touch. The Dri-Loc contains microcapsules that crush during assembly to release an activator. This anaerobic chemical reaction forms a polymer dispersion that rapidly bonds the fastener to its mating part. 

Fasteners pre-coated with Henkel Loctite Dri-Seal® are also dry to the touch and provide an instant seal. The coating seals the fastener by filling all available space to provide a permanent, high-pressure seal that’s impermeable by most common liquids and gases.

All Loctite® threadlockers have a broad temperature resistance of -65°F to 300°F, and some are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 400°F.

Fastener shelf life with most pre-applied Loctite Dri-Loc® and Dri-Seal® products is up to four years when properly stored per Henkel’s specifications. 

Industry Leading Quality

“Our proprietary PAAC’D® process helps manufacturers in many ways,” The Coating House General Manager Harley Kata says. “Quality control is at the top of the list, because we remove the potential for human error that can occur when assemblers apply the coating themselves.”

Some of the biggest names in aerospace rely on The Coating House for their coated fasteners. “We’re  AS9100 certified, and the only Henkel® Authorized Pre-Applied Service Center on the East Coast,” Kata noted. “Henkel and our customers place a great deal of trust in the quality of our work, and we’re extremely proud of that.” 

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Is LOCTITE Pre-Applied Right For You?

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